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Mission Statement

Our overall goal is simple; document essential Linux information on the two sides of a single letter- or A4-sized sheet of paper which is Z- or C-folded into six mini-pages of a brochure that LUGs and other Linux organizations can use for publicity. The LBP data and scripts required to build the brochure are released under the GPL which means the information collected and organized here cannot be hijacked by proprietary interests. See here for more details about the LBP.

Customized Results

Below we give access to the "Linus" version of the LBP brochure. The available formats are a thumbnail image; a medium-resolution (300KB) screenshot (click on the thumbnail to view the screenshot); HTML (text suitable for BabelFish translations); and downloadable, high-resolution, printer-quality PostScript and PDF files. Other customized versions (for different languages and both letter- and A4-sized paper) are available here.

Brochure Thumbnail HTML PostScript PDF


Choosing the contents of a Linux brochure is not simple because the space we have to work with is extraordinarily limited. Fortunately, we could build on the long-term brochure-making experience of the Victoria Linux Users Group (VLUG) to help deal with this problem.

The technical implementation of a Linux brochure using open-source software is also not simple because there are many different combinations of software that potentially could be used to help build the brochure. It's been satisfying that we have been able to find a particular combination of software that builds our brochure with absolutely no compromises on the technical quality of the result. We have built the icons and watermark images using skencil (previously known as sketch). These vector-graphics results look good at any resolution. The graphics have been combined with text using the graphicx package of LaTeX to obtain high-quality PostScript results. Equivalent high-quality PDF results are created using ps2pdf.


Translations of LBP

The translation effort has now resulted in three translations of the "Linus" form of the brochure. Thanks to Fabrizio Pollastri for donating an Italian translation, a team lead by Nicolas Pettiaux for donating a French translation, and Daniel Vicente Lühr Sierra for donating a Spanish translation. The results can be seen on our examples page.

Artistic Input into LBP

Our thanks to Larry Ewing (artistic inspiration), Simon Budig, and Anja Gerwinski for the vector graphics Tux icons that can be found here and which were used in slightly modified form for the Tux icons and Tux watermarks used for our brochure. Our thanks also to the developers of skencil which makes it so easy to modify this prior art.

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