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LBP Background

Since 1997, the Victoria Linux Users Group (VLUG) has maintained a Linux information brochure that is printed on two sides of a letter- or A4-sized sheet of paper and Z- or C-folded into 6 mini-pages of a brochure. Variations of this brochure have been used by other LUGs as well, but these variations were difficult to maintain since the brochure was built using a proprietary tool that required a large license fee. To encourage wider use of this brochure material in the Linux community, the Board of Directors of VLUG voted in 2003 to release the language of the brochure under the GPL. This step has encouraged the development of this Linux Brochure Project (LBP) whose goal is to build a high-quality Linux brochure using open-source tools. (A more formal mission statement is given here.)

Our initial LBP effort was focussed on finding the right open-source tools to build the brochure. That effort has been most successful (see here for a discussion of the list of tools that we have decided to use). The default content of the brochure is organization agnostic. We call this the "Linus" version of the brochure because it features a page of famous quotes from Linus. The software has been organized so that many specific parts of this default content are easy to customize. We have done such a customization for the VLUG brochure, and we encourage other Linux organizations to do the same so long as the source material (primarily LaTeX code and scripts) for your version is made available following the requirements of the GPL. And of course suggestions from our users are most welcome to improve the quality of the common core brochure material and presentation that will be used by every Linux organization who customizes the LBP brochure for their own needs.

LBP Developers

The developers of this project are Alan W. Irwin, Barbara E. Irwin, and Chris Halsall.

Alan started using Linux as an astronomical research desktop in 1996 and soon realized that Linux was a paradigm shift not only in quality of software but also in our freedom in the way we programme and use computers. He is a developer for a number of open-source projects such as FreeEOS and PLplot.

Barbara enjoys using the Linux desktop for all her Computer work. She started with FVWM in 1998, but uses KDE now. She is past Vice-President and current Publicity Coordinator of VLUG and is also one of the principal coordinators of the Loads of Linux Links project. Her extensive Linux reading experience from that project will ensure we have the highest quality Linux links in LBP.

Chris is passionate about spreading the light which is Linux. He is past president of VLUG.

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