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Access to LBP

To access the required files needed to build the brochure our users can either use a file release or else use our Subversion repository. As usual, our SVN version is more volatile than file releases and may not work from time to time, but it does give access to the version that is being actively worked on by the development team.

Building LBP

Make sure the required packages (see next section) are installed on your Linux system. svn checkout lbproject (or else unpack the tarball), cd to the created directory, type, e.g.,

make NAME=generic COUNTRYCODE=en



and a customized Linux brochure should be produced both in PostScript ($(NAME)_$(COUNTRYCODE)_linux_brochure_watermarked.ps.gz) and PDF ($(NAME)_$(COUNTRYCODE)_linux_brochure_watermarked_landscape.pdf) forms. By default these results will print nicely on letter-size paper, but if you use A4 paper you should add the option PAPERTYPE=a4 to the above 'make' commands. If you want to produce a non-English brochure, then you should add the option LANGUAGECODE to the above commands. For example, to generate an Italian-language brochure using a4 paper type


Other brochure-building possibilities are contained in the all_brochures.sh script which builds all valid combinations of brochures.

By default all the above make commands use the "all" target, and the resulting PostScript or PDF files should be straightforward to print on Linux systems using the CUPS option "-o sides=two-sided-short-edge". However, some Linux duplex printers have broken configuration where the "-o sides=two-sided-short-edge" option gives the same two-sided results as "-o sides=two-sided-long-edge" with the second-side of the brochure sheet printed up-side-down relative to the first side of the brochure sheet. To compensate temporarily for this error until the era when most Linux duplex printers honor the "-o sides=two-sided-short-edge" option, we provide two additional targets called non_working_short_edge.ps.gz and non_working_short_edge.pdf which rotate the second page by 180 deg. To build these targets simply append them to a valid make command, e.g.,

make NAME=generic COUNTRYCODE=en non_working_short_edge.ps.gz

Note, you may also edit linux_brochure.tex and its translations (such as linux_brochure_it.tex) and add/modify appropriate files in the subdirectory lugs (see the NAME and COUNTRYCODE variables in the Makefile whose values can be modified during make invocation as above) to change any of the wording in the brochure, but if you distribute that result also remember to honor the GPL by distributing all files used to generate your brochure!

Software Requirements

Executive summary: to build the brochure in both PostScript and PDF forms, you need teTeX, skencil (previously known as sketch), ps2eps (the particular package identified below since apparently there are a number of different packages named ps2eps), pstops, and ps2pdf installed on your system. Also, you need to install ImageMagick (to build the thumbnail image and screenshot of the completed brochure) and pdftohtml (to generate the html version of the brochure).

Here are the details of the individual requirements with comments on their use in building the brochure.

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