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Announcement of LBP-1.0.0

The Linux Brochure Project (LBP) version 1.0.0 has been released. LBP is a GPLed Linux advocacy and publicity project which documents key Linux information in a standard-size brochure (two sides of a single letter-sized sheet of paper which is Z- or C-folded into the six mini-pages of the brochure). Release 1.0.0 is our first stable version of this important Linux publicity tool for LUGs and other Linux organizations. The software consists of LaTeX and pdfLaTeX scripts; Sketch input files; and a Makefile to keep the brochure build organized.

Only open source software (primarily LaTeX and Sketch) is used to build LBP brochures. LUGs and other Linux organizations can customize the brochure to fit their requirements within the stringent space limitations. We encourage contributions of customized versions of the LBP brochure so ultimately there will be a suite of brochures from around the world at http://lbproject.sourceforge.net/examples.html for those who want to be famous. :-) Currently there are two customized brochures available at the above site -- a "Linus" version featuring famous quotes from Linus and a VLUG version that has been adopted as the official brochure of the Victoria Linux Users Group.

For more details about LBP see: http://lbproject.sourceforge.net/.

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